• Sofia von Humboldt is a clinical and health psychologist, and researcher. She began her practice in 2004 and is trained in different psychotherapeutic models.
  • PhD in Psychology from ISPA – Instituto Universitário and Master in Health Psychology from ISPA – Instituto Universitário and the School of Psychotherapy and Counseling – Regent’s College, London in 2006.
  • She is undergoing a post-doctoral at ISPA – Instituto Universitário, Lisbon, and at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.
  • As a clinical and health psychologist she is registered in the Portuguese Psychologists Chamber (No 11738).
  • She has the Advanced Specialities of Psyhcology of Justice, Sexology and Psychogerontology granted by the Portuguese Psychologists Chamber.
  • She has multidisciplinary experience in psychological and mental assessment, and psychotherapeutic support of adult patients hospitalized in the Miguel Bombarda Hospital, in the Psychiatric Urgences of Curry Cabral Hospital and in the S. Bernardo Hospital; children and family, pregnant and puerperal women en other institutions.
  • She was on the evaluation comission juri of judicial Magistrates, Courts and Ministry Assessment.
  • She is Invited Professor and Researcher in the William James Center for Research.
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  • She is the author of scientific articles and books indexed ISI, researcher, jury Academic and professional, orientation of Internships and University Teacher in the areas of sexuality, gender, mental health, psychopathology, psychotherapy, clinical and health psychology, pregnancy and parenting, liability regulation parental, stress, chronic pain and disease, transcultural studies, forensic psychology in civil and criminal proceedings, physical and financial violence, aging and psycho-pathology.
  • She is fluent in English (Fluent in English).
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  • Adjustment to Aging
  • Sexual Well-Being and Sexuality
  • Active Aging
  • Well-Being and Quality of Life
  • Psychotherapy

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  • Psychopathology of Adult and Elderly
  • Applied Psychology
  • Qualitative Methods
  • Psychology of Adult and Elderly Development
  • Introduction to Psycho-Pathology
  • Psychogerontology
  • Gerontology
  • Psychology of Health

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